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Freshman Arrested for Using Word “Gun” in Assignment

Nobody wants to be responsible for missing signs that something awful is about to happen, especially when it comes to schools. But for some reason, it has become a common trend that when a student or adult is not feeling right or feels he/she was wronged, he/she obtains a gun and causes harm to others, including innocent people. As a result, society as a whole is constantly on full alert.

In South Carolina, a high school freshman used the word “gun” in a home work assignment. As punishment, he was arrested and suspended from school. In the assignment, the boy wrote about “killing his neighbor’s pet dinosaur with a gun he purchased to take care of the business.” While it is understandable why someone could interpret this as a potential window into something else going on with this child, is it necessary to call the police because he wants to shoot an imaginary dinosaur? Get therapy, yes, absolutely. Has our society become so afraid of hearing certain words used that we react first and then think later?

The boy was arrested and now has a record as a minor even though there was no intent or plan to do anything. It was unfortunately a very poorly thought out joke about killing a dinosaur. The police searched his locker and book bag and found nothing. In the end, he was suspended for 3 days and returns to school again. The same school that had him arrested. Sure he learned a valuable lesson about when and where to use words. However, the issue still exists as to whether our society now lives in fear due to constant, increasing attacks and chooses not to use common sense when reviewing perceived incidents.