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Trucking accidents are the cause of too many highway fatalities across the nation, which often result in families searching for a truck accident lawyer for help. The roadways of New Jersey are no exception. New Jersey, with its congested highways and dense traffic in and out of New York City and Philadelphia, makes it a danger zone for truck accident injuries and deaths. 

Accidents involving commercial trucks, also known as 18-wheelers, semis, big rigs and tractor-trailers, frequently result in devastating injuries or fatalities. Bruce Law, LLC has a New Jersey truck accident lawyer to help individuals and their families who have been injured or killed in all types of trucking accidents.

Potential Causes of Trucking Accidents in New Jersey

  • truck driver fatigue, drowsy driving, or falling asleep at the wheel
  • driving long hours
  • impaired truck drivers
  • defective truck equipment or mechanical failure
  • violations of State and Federal Trucking Regulations
  • overloaded trucks or unsecured loads
  • driving hour log violations
  • cell phone distraction
  • blind spot 

Injuries Caused by Truck Crashes

Due to the sheer size of a semi-truck, the injuries caused by a big rig truck accident are often catastrophic. These injuries may include:

  • traumatic brain injury
  • spinal cord injury
  • burns
  • lost limbs or amputation
  • scarring
  • disfigurement
  • wrongful death
  • catastrophic and debilitating injuries
  • paralysis
  • spinal surgery
  • fractures or broken bones

These injuries can lead to a future of medical treatments and therapies. Victims are left with extensive medical bills, lost wages and long-term disabilities, mental anguish and persistent pain. A victim’s life as well as their families’ lives can be completely changed forever.

Fatalities Caused by Accidents

It is estimated that over 24,000 people died in motor vehicle traffic crashes in 2013. As a society, our lives are very busy and we try to use every spare minute to get something done. Additionally, cell phones now make it very easy for a driver to become distracted and fail to see an emergency situation ahead on the road. Text messages, telephone calls and social media have somehow become a priority when we drive instead of watching the road and paying attention. As a result, people, such as yourself, are injured due to a driver’s failure to pay attention and respond appropriately.

How Can A Truck Accident Lawyer From Bruce Law, LLC Help Me?

Your life has probably been turned upside down due to this accident. How is it fair that you are now suffering and the driver is fine? Who is going to put your life back together? Take action now to protect your rights. The experienced truck accident attorney at Bruce Law, L.L.C. can help. Over the years, we have won millions for our injured clients. Recently we settled a truck accident case for $720,000.00 involving a tractor trailer that rear ended our client.

If you or someone you love has suffered a serious personal injury, you do not have to pay to see a lawyer. Bruce Law, LLC, offers free consultations where you can discuss your case with a professional at no cost. ​