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What Is Needed To Prove A Forgery Charge In New Jersey?

The Prosecutor will need to prove that with purpose you tried to defraud or injure anyone, or with knowledge that you are facilitating a fraud or injury to be perpetrated by anyone, you:

  1. Altered or changed any writing of another without consent
  2. Makes, completes, executes, authenticates, issues or transfers any writing so that it purports to be the act of another who did not authorize it
  3. Utters any writing which he knows to be forged

What Degree Is My Forgery Charge?

Third degree if writing involves money, securities, postage or revenue stamps, or other instruments, certificates or licenses issues by the government, NJ Prescriptions Blanks, issue of stock, bonds or other similar instruments, check, 15 or more forged or altered retail sales receipts or universal product code labels.
Fourth degree if anything else

​What Are The Penalties For Forgery In New Jersey? 

Third Degree: 3-5 years in prison, fine up to $15,000
Fourth Degree: up to 18 months in prison, fine up to $10,000