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What Is Needed To Prove A Stalking Charge In New Jersey?

The Prosecutor will need to prove that you purposefully or knowingly engage in a course of conduct directed at a specific person that would cause a reasonable person to fear for his safety or the safety of a third person or suffer other emotional distress.​

What Degree Is My Stalking Charge?

Fourth degree if committed based on the definition above
Third degree if you stalked someone in violation of an existing court order prohibiting the behavior; this is your second or subsequent stalking offense against the same victim; OR you commit the crime of stalking while serving a jail term or while on parole/probation as the result of a conviction for any indictable offense.

​What Are The Penalties For Stalking In New Jersey? 

Fourth Degree: up to 18 months in prison, fine up to $10,000
Third Degree: 3-5 years in prison, fine up to $15,000