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What Is Needed To Prove A Contempt Charge In New Jersey?

The Prosecutor will need to prove that you:
a. purposely or knowingly disobeyed a judicial order or protective order, or hindered, obstructed, or impeded the effectuation of a judicial order or the exercise of jurisdiction over any person, thing or controversy by a court, administrative body or investigative entity. 
b. purposely or knowingly violated any provision in an order entered under the provisions of the Prevention of Domestic Violence Act of 1991 or an order entered under the provisions of a substantially similar statute.

What Degree Is My Contempt Charge?
Depending on what you did and which type of order you violated, this could be a fourth degree, third degree or disorderly persons offense.

​What Are The Penalties For Contempt In New Jersey? Disorderly Persons Offense: 0-6 months in jail, fine up to $1,000
Third Degree: 3-5 years in prison, fine up to $15,000
Fourth Degree: up to 18 months in prison, fine up to $10,000