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What amount Of Money Will Compensate A Family?

We are all familiar with the ongoing police killings that seem to be a recurring event. The news highlights the event, follows up with maybe an arrest or charge against the officer. And the boom; story is over. We rarely get to see what the outcome is for the family. Did the family sue? Did the family settle the lawsuit? Was there a trial? Recently, we were afforded the opportunity to see what happened in the end for two families.

In the case of Michael Brown, who was shot by the Ferguson police, the family recently settled for $1.5 million. That may seem like a lot, until you compare it to another family.

In a Maryland shooting, where the family was white, instead of black like Mr. Brown, the family received $1.26 million. At first, you may say it was because they were white. But before you do, you should know that the victim in the Maryland case was a dog. The officer was confronted by the dog in the homeowner’s front yard as he was investigating a burglary in the neighborhood. The officer said he was attacked by the dog and as a result, shot the dog. Later in court, the officer admitted that the dog did not attack or injure him before he pulled out his weapon. That family received $1.26 million. 

Yes these are two different states where the events occurred. Yes these states may have drastically different law concerning police shootings or wrongful death. But it still begs the question what is a life worth.