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Walk Like a Penguin To Stay Safe On Ice

Here is an interesting article that is very helpful given our recent blizzard. As the sun comes out during the day, those mounds of snow will start to melt. However, the sun sets and then all of that melted snow starts to freeze into streams of ice. Sometimes you can see the ice and other times you do not see it coming. 

Experts say, if you feel yourself starting to lose balance, tuck into a ball, make yourself as small as possible and keep your head and face away from the fall. Don’t put out your hands to catch yourself of you could break your wrists, hands, or even arms. As you are landing, try to land on the fleshy, fatty part of your body, rather than your knees, elbows or back.

One proven way, says experts, is to walk like a penguin. The waddle keeps your center of gravity over your front leg and will help keep you upright. Spread your feet slightly and take small steps.