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Smart Speaker Calls Police And Saves Woman And Child

It is becoming more popular in the home to have either an Amazon Echo, frequently called Alexa, or a Google Home. These devices tell us jokes, put things on our to-do lists, etc. Did you know that it can call the police?

In New Mexico, a man and woman were having a domestic dispute. The man had a firearm and threatened to kill the woman. He attacked her. At some point during the fight, the man asked “did you call the sheriffs?”, which a smart device (the exact model unknown) heard the question and called 911. The sheriff’s department received the call and took it seriously, sending a car to the home and basically saving the woman and a child in the home.

I know the Amazon Echo does not do this yet. Maybe it was the Google Home speaker in this particular home. Either way, I think this, like anything, is good and bad. I think it is a great idea for home in case there is a domestic dispute, like above, or even if there is an intruder. We frequently read about someone breaking into a home and assaulting someone in their bedroom. Imagine if you could yell, “Alexa, call 911” and the police just show up. No more trying to get to the phone to make a call, assuming you even have a home line anymore. Imagine being attacked, trying to find your cell phone, unlock it and dial 911. It just seems so much quicker and easier to be able to shout to the device to call for help. The intruder will hear the cry, hopefully run, and your life may be saved as well. Here is one for technology!