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Pregnancy is on Topic List for Supreme Court This Term

The Supreme Court returns next week for its 2014-2015 term. One of the topics on the agenda this term concerns a woman claiming discrimination while pregnant. The woman, Peggy Young, worked for UPS. Typically, her job required her to be able to lift up to 70 lbs. However, since she was pregnant, she was advised not to lift over 20 lbs. She provided UPS with a note from a medical professional asking to be put on light duty. However, her request was denied. Interestingly enough, if Peggy needed light duty because she, say broke her arm, she would have been put on light duty.

A Federal Appeals Court sided with UPS finding that if UPS allowed Peggy light duty, it would provide pregnant employees with an advantage. As you can imagine, this opinion has created a lot of debate and hatred towards the panel.