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Ordered To Pay Child Support DUE TO Crazy Law

It is amazing to me sometimes when I hear some of the laws other states have on the books. Texas never seeks to amaze me.

In Texas, there is a law that states that basically if one is not the biological father of a child, that person still owes child support payments that accrue before a paternity test proves otherwise.

Sounds ridiculous that one would have to pay for a child not theirs. Makes you wonder what type of situation this might apply to. One man quickly learned. Turns out in 2003 the man’s girlfriend gave birth to a child and swore the man was the child’s father. She applied for child support and it accrued to $65,000 in back payments. The man learned of this once papers were finally served on him. He met the child, and after a DNA test realized the child is not his. The Texas court did not care though. Because this law is still on the books, the man is responsible for paying the back support since he did nothing to stop it. Of course if someone lists you as a father of a child and you are not made aware, how are you to stop something you know nothing about!