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Nursing Home Ratings Matter In New Jersey

“To those seniors, and especially elderly veterans like myself, I want to tell you this: You are not alone, and you having nothing to be ashamed of. If elder abuse happened to me, it can happen to anyone. I want you to know that you deserve better.”   Mickey Rooney

Sadly, elder abuse is on the rise.  No one ever expects a family member or friend to be the victim of abuse or neglect in a nursing home. However, abuse and neglect do occur every day and in many ways.  We place our loved ones in nursing homes and assisted living facilities to ensure that they receive the care they need and to which they are entitled. Unfortunately, many nursing homes and related facilities are more concerned about profits than protecting their residents from health and safety hazards. Negligence can result in injuries such as bedsores or pressure ulcers, dehydration, malnutrition, broken bones, and other medical conditions which cause harm and even death.

If you are considering placing a loved one in a nursing home or are concerned about a loved on that is already in a nursing home, make sure you review the nursing home rating. 

The reality is this-nursing home abuse should never happen. If management diligently supervises its staff and the staff follows the resident’s care plan. Deviation from the care plan shows that the staff is not treating its residents with dignity and respect.

If your loved has suffered an injury due to negligence of a nursing home you should contact us immediately.