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New Gadget Lets You Text and Use Apps While Driving

If you drive anywhere, you repeatedly see individuals on their cell phone. Maybe they are driving while looking at the phone. Maybe they are at a red light and can’t wait a second and just watch the intersection. No matter where you are, it is a problem. In comes what is supposed to be a solution, but is it really? 

Tel Aviv startup Project RAY aims to decrease the risk of accidents and number of distracted drivers through its eyes free RayGo device. The device enables you to talk on your phone, check your texts, emails and apps ALL WHILE DRIVING and ALL without taking your eyes off the road. Is that even possible? When you watch the video from the link below, you will probably just see a new way to be distracted. Sure, now your eyes are on the “road” or at least looking at the windshield, but instead of having your eyes actually focus on the cars, they are focusing on the apps and emails illuminated on your windshield. You basically now rely on your peripheral vision to pay attention. Not sure that really solved the problem. It may have made it worse.