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Man Saves Dog And Gets Charged With A Crime

What do you do if you walk by a car on a hot day and see a dog sitting inside? Some might keep walking. Others might call the police to let them deal with it and the owner. Well, one man in Georgia, Michael, decided to take action into his own hands. He grabbed his wife’s wheelchair leg and smashed the car window to rescue this dog. When the owner of the dog arrived, she was furious that her window was now smashed. The police arrived and the dog owner demanded Michael be arrested for damaging her property, but the police did not want to charge Michael. The woman insisted and the police eventually charged Michael with criminal trespass and also charged the dog owner with leaving her dog in a hot car.

In Georgia, criminal trespass carries up to a year in jail. To his defense, Michael stated that it was at least 80 degrees outside and the inside of the car was probably 114 degrees. The dog appeared to be in distress and panting. What was he to do? Let the dog die? Michael told the news reporters that the situation sucks, but he is happy he saved a life.