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Life In Prison Over Mayonnaise!

When you hear the word Mayonnaise, what comes to mind? Maybe a sandwich. Maybe I need to pick some up at the store. Certainly not murder! Well, I guess mayonnaise can now lead to someone becoming so upset they actually murder someone. That is exactly what happened to Kristofer Erlbacher of Iowa recently.

Kristofer was out drinking and spread some mayo on someone else’s food. I guess that guy did not like mayo because the situation turned into a fight, believe it or not. It then led to threats of setting someone’s house on fire and Kristofer ramming his truck into someone else’s. Instead of just calming down and leaving, Kristofer struck the truck a second time and left the scene, leaving the man to die. One hot tempered, drunk night now earned Kristofer a life sentence in jail. Just goes to show it is better to walk away and cool off before you take action in the heat of anger.