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DUI By Horse And Buggy

When I hear that someone was charged with a DUI, I just naturally assume that they were driving a car. I forget that in 2022 some communities in America rely on horse and buggy as their primary means of transportation. 

It turns out that even someone operating a horse and buggy can be accused of a dui! In Sigel, Pennsylvania, officers observed a 20 year old man driving a horse and buggy recklessly while speeding around a turn. Sparks even flew in the air! Naturally, the police stop the buggy and find that the man’s speech was slurred. He admitted to having a few beers. Normally, at this point the person would be under arrest and the car would be towed. However, you can’t really tow a horse and buggy from a scene. So after waiting for a family member to arrive and take care of the horse, the man was arrested. Go figure!