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Driving In Snow Must Knows!

Sure, the snow is great for skiing, but not so much for driving. Accidents are common, windshields freeze and the ground is slippery.  However, there are some helpful rules to keep in mind given that it is snow season once again.

  1. Keep your gas tank full or at least at the half way mark. You never know when you are going to get stuck behind an accident and sitting in traffic for hours on end. A half or full gas tank also adds weight to the car and helps with traction. Gas is super cheap now, so there is no excuse to drive on empty in the winter.
  2. Keep an emergency kit in your car. Extra sweater, blanket, water bottle, cereal bar. This will help when you end up stuck in traffic or stuck in snow.
  3. Properly clean your car. Don’t leave snow and ice still on the roof or back windows. NJ and PA law require you to fully clean the snow and ice off of your car.
  4. Slow down slowly when approaching stop signs, red lights or any intersection not regulated. The winter is not the time to test how well your tires and brakes work. It is always better to ease into a nice stop then try to slam on your brakes at the last minute and slide.
  5. Keep your distance. Nothing is worse than someone far up the line of traffic needing to stop suddenly and now you don’t have enough room to stop in this chain reaction.
  6. If the snow is bad and you can stay home, do it. Nothing is worth risking your life. Don’t try to be a hero and drive in the snow and ice because you think you are good at it. Be safe and smart.