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Don’t Pretend You Have The Coronavirus! It’s Not Funny

I’m sure in her drunken state this seemed funny, but at the end of day, we should be better than this as a society by now.

After a reported one car accident in March 2020, a Hanover, New Jersey police officer was doing his job by arriving at the scene and seeing what he could do to help. The police suspected the driver was intoxicated and began to proceed with their protocol in this situation. Instead of cooperating, the driver became nasty, likely because she was annoyed at her current situation and drunk. While being arrested, she began breathing all over the officers. She also started coughing on the officers and then told them “oh, by the way, I have the coronavirus and now so do you.” As you can imagine, this would send anyone into a panic while the virus is running rampant in the world.

The woman further made up a lie that her boyfriend had the virus and was hospitalized for treatment. The panic for the police officers lasted for what seemed like forever as they thought about their coworkers and family and how this would effect everyone if they indeed now contracted the virus. 

After a thorough investigation, it was determined that the woman made up the entire story. Now, in addition to her mistakes for driving while intoxicated, she faces a criminal charge for causing false public alarm.

Please keep in mind that times are stressful and tough for everyone right now, especially our officers, EMT workers and healthcare workers. They are all working to help those that need help right now. Remarks like these are not needed now. Please be thoughtful and kind to one another so we can all get through these times together and hopefully, come out a better society in the end.