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Creative Alibi Used To Fight Arrest

A man in Oregon  was arrested for kidnapping. He is accused of grabbing a 16 year old girl in June and using a knife to threaten her. The girl states that he tried to pull her into a car. However, the man now claims this is a case of mistaken identity and it wasn’t him. It just so happens that the actual culprit was in the same area as this man during the time of the kidnapping and a mere coincidence that both men happen to share a similar appearance. Why was this man in the area you might ask? He was playing Pokemon Go on his phone. Officers checked his phone and confirmed that on two of the three days in question the man did play Pokemon Go on his phone and captured a Pokemon. Even more of a coincidence is that Pokemon was captured at almost the exact time that the kidnapping occurred. Did he happen to see the kidnapping taking place if he was there? It is possible a jury will buy this, but I think there are too many coincidences to explain away. It would be a different situation for me if the two men didn’t share a striking resemblance.