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Being Arrested Is On Your Bucket List

You often hear someone state they have something on their “bucket list” that they hope to do before they die. Most times it involves traveling to a far off place. Maybe something daring and exciting that most are not brave enough to do. The one item you rarely hear is that they want to be arrested!

I read an article recently that a 19 year old woman in Florida was arrested for fleeing the police after being stopped for a speeding ticket. While no one enjoys a speeding ticket, most just stay put and suck it up and wait for the ticket from the officer. Well, this woman decided she was not going to stop when those police car lights began flashing. Instead, she fled and continued driving with the officer trailing behind with lights flashing. When she did finally stop, she admitted that “being collared” or hand cuffed was on her bucket list since high school. It did not sound like the officer was amused.

So my question is would you have being arrested, or never being arrested on your bucket list?