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Auto Bills That Need To Pass

Yesterday, the New Jersey Senate Commerce Committee released a few auto insurance bills that just need to get passed. Of those included in the package, the following two are important to almost anyone that drives in New Jersey.

1. S481 would raise the automobile insurance coverage minimums that are currently in place to a minimum coverage of $50,000. Did you know that currently, the minimum amount of insurance someone needs to purchase is $15,000! Imagine in this day and age of prices constantly rising that you are hit and injured and it turns out the other driver can only offer $15,000 towards compensating you for your injuries. By the time you pay your expert for an opinion, etc. there is not much left. An increase on the state minimum coverage is long overdue and we hope it passes this time.

2. S467 would create a new exception for the limitation on lawsuit selection for those involved in an accident caused by a drunk driver or reckless driver. As it stands now, if you selected a limitation on lawsuit option on your policy and a drunk driver hits you, you need to jump through hurdles to prove your injury meets a certain level before you can collect anything for your pain and suffering. It’s one thing if someone made a misjudgment and caused an accident. It is another thing if that person purposely drove drunk and caused an accident. This is another good bill we hope gets passed.