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Are Trampoline Parks Safe?

More and more indoor trampoline parks are popping up all over as the fun continues to catch on. However, who is looking out for the safety of those using the trampolines? In Phoenix, a 30 year old man died after he was jumping on a trampoline at one of these trampoline parks. He was attempting a somersault into a shallow foam pit. However, the pit was only 2 feet, 8 inches deep. He broke 5 discs in his neck and that was all it took. A day of fun turned tragic without warning.

The mother of this poor victim now wants to make sure that others don’t make the same mistake. Currently, there are no federal standards for indoor trampoline parks. Some states have steps up in the federal regulation absence, but it is not enough since these parks are in most states.

Another mom reported that her 6 year old daughter was jumping when an older boy landed  on her, causing her leg to break in two places.

If you choose to go to these indoor parks, make sure that the facility is not very crowded. Certain times of day bring more customers and more chances that you are going to bounce into another person. Also, make sure you really evaluate what is going on at the indoor facility. Is your child going to bounce off into a shallow pond like the first guy? Whether your child is 6 or 30, it is still your child and you will do everything in your power to protect him/her.