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Chiropractic Adjustment Causes Death

In case you have not been following or missed this story, the wrongful death lawsuit filed by the family of Playboy model Katie May is quite interesting. The lawsuit is filed on behalf of the model’s young daughter for the loss of her mother.

While attending a photo shoot, the model hurt her neck and complained about pain. As a lot of people in this situation do, she went for an adjustment at a chiropractor. However, based on her condition, the maneuver performed by the chiropractor seemed to have done more harm then good. The coroner’s report claims that the chiropractor tore one of the arteries in the model’s neck, which essentially cut off blood flow to her brain, causing death.

This story is interesting because a lot of people go to a chiropractor for neck or back pain thinking they will fix it. Like any doctor, they could make a mistake or not appreciate the full picture before performing a maneuver. Most times, a chiropractor does not do a neck or back xray before an adjustment. They feel the affected area and make a determination as to what is wrong. Sometimes we do not think about what could happen and assume the doctor always knows best.