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6 Car Accident Deaths on NJ Highways in 1 day

It seems to be getting more dangerous each day when it comes to driving on NJ highways. Six people were killed yesterday in NJ from highway related auto accidents. In one case, a dump truck on I-280 in East Orange resulted in a fiery crash killing three people. Investigation so far shows that the dump truck driver lost control and slammed into a Honda that burst into flames. What was the driver of the dump truck doing that caused him/her to lose control? Police reported that while the occupants of the Honda died, the dump truck driver only had minor injuries reported. In another collision, a van struck a tractor trailer that was stopped on the highway. In a third accident, a motorcycle rider was killed when he slammed into a truck that was stopped. 

At this point, we don’t necessarily know what caused all of these lives to be lost yesterday in New Jersey. However, what we can take from this is that we all need to do our part to pay attention and focused when driving. Don’t worry about the radio. Don’t worry about your cell phone or that text, email, Facebook update that just came in. IT CAN WAIT. Wait until you arrive safely at your destination to look at these things.